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Our members are of a broad range of age, photographic experience and abilities. As a club our mission is to encourage everyone in the village to broaden their use of their cameras, to try taking different photographs, from a different perspective and even to dare to take them off the "auto" setting. The results can range from early experimental steps to the surprisingly stunning. In our galleries we share photographs taken by members from across that spectrum, using anything from phones to compact cameras to a digital SLRs. Do enjoy the photographs from members past and present using the 3 link areas on this page and perhaps be inspired to join us to see how you could increase your photographic experience.
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To see even  more of our pics bob over to flickr to see members' images there (click on the flickr logo) or nip into Lymm Library to see our rolling Exhibition (more info here).
Project Evenings continued....
Sometimes it's good to get out and about with your camera in the company of others. It's a great opportunity to get ideas and see things from a different angle. See what we've been up to here.....

Previous projects
Spread Eagle Annual "Competition"
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General Annual Competition
Inaugurated in 2016 and independently judged, two sections : digital and prints. The digital entries are linked below.
Project Evenings

From time to time we set ourselves challenges, either projects to go away and photograph or practical evenings at our meetings. Here are some of the results.
Scroll down for annual Spread Eagle competition
The club is fortuante to have recieved a lot of support from the Spread Eagle where we meet. The brewery has even given us a rather posh A3 wooden frame to the left of the main bar, which of course then needs to have photographs displayed in it. Every month we change the photograph with another taken by a memeber. The 12 photos for each year are selected by Nick the Landlord at our last meeting in December every year (along with mince pies). Nick chooses a different theme each year and members submit their entries on that theme. Then it's over to Nick to select his favourite twleve.
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