Summer Photos 2022
As always, our members were out and about with their cameras over the summer. Here is a nice selections of their work, taken with everything from DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and mobile phones. There's always a way to take a good photograph!

We hope you like our photos and might come along to a club meeting to see how interesting and easy photography can be.

Lymm Photographic Society - Members' Gallery
Sharing the joys of photography in our village
A day in Liverpool - Bill Rigby
A Tale of Two Bridges - Carol Sparkes
Belfast 1 - David Beech
Belfast 2 - David Beech
Belfast 3 - David Beech
Belfast 4 - David Beech
Belfast 5 - David Beech
Bettystown wreck - Peter Varetto
Collapsing Cliff - Chris Berg
Cyprus - Snorkelling 1 - Chris Beesley
Cyprus - Snorkelling 2 - Chris Beesley
Cyprus 1 - Pool - Chris Beesley
Cyprus 2 - Back Home - Chris Beesley
Dartmoor - Carol Sparkes
Driftwood - Chris Berg
Frozen Fountain - Chris Berg
Giant's Causeway - David Beech
Ha Ha! - Peter Varetto
Hungry Lizards - Chris Berg
image0 - Jane Turner
image1 - Jane Turner
image2 - Jane Turner
image3 - Jane Turner
image4 - Jane Turner
image5 - Jane Turner
image6 - Jane Turner
image7 - Jane Turner
image8 - Jane Turner
IMG_1278 - Peter Varetto
IMG_1308 - Peter Varetto
Impulsive - Gordon O'Connor
Italian vinyards and shadows - Gordon O'Connor
Jodrell Bank-1 - Bill Rigby
Lymm Jub 1 - David Beech
Lymm Jub 2 - David Beech
Lymm Pylon - Carol Sparkes
Misty Lindow Common - Bill Rigby
My New Friend - Carol Sparkes
National Flower - Chris Berg
Old Van - Carol Sparkes
On Top of Pico Ruivo - Chris Berg
Paddling the Ship Cana; - Carol Sparkes
Padley Wood - Bill Rigby
Picturesque Recycling - Chris Berg
Plymouth at the Forte - Chris Berg
Rhinoceros snake - Peter Varetto
Sail GP Collage - Carol Sparkes
Shedding skin - Peter Varetto
Sidmouth High Flyers - Carol Sparkes
Southport - Red Arrows 1 - Chris Beesley
Southport - Red Arrows 2 - Chris Beesley
Southport - Red Arrows 3 - Chris Beesley
Southport - SK Hornets - Chris Beesley
St Peters, Oughtrington - Gordon O'Connor
Summer Fieldtrip - Carol Sparkes
Swiss Alps search & Rescue - Gordon O'Connor
The last few olive trees in locus - Gordon O'Connor
The pools, Glen Rosa - Bill Rigby
The wonder of steel structures on Landscape. - Gordon O'Connor
Top bombing! - Peter Varetto
Undulation after harvest Tuvellia - Gordon O'Connor
Windgather Rocks face - Bill Rigby
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