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28/5/24 - Updated programme, updated date of committee meeting: Updated Home page with transport day info and also Lymm Festival : Put in new Annual Competition page 2024 WT
25/4/24 - Programme update CS
8/4/24 - Added Book Titles Gallery and reconfigured Our Photos page to create more space for projects
02/04/2024 - Changed cover photo, updated Lymm Festival logo: updated committee date: New community page added and old one named community1: Updated community 1 page: WT
29/3/24 - Programme update CS
24/3/24 - Best Practice Guideline updated to v3.0 CS
04/03/24 - update note added to community page and date of next committee meeting changed (again) CS
02/03/24 - updated committee page with date of next meeting WT
8/2/24 - slight programme tweak and Coronavirus refs removed from home page
9/1/24 - programme updated; Xmas feel removed; marquee updated and date next committee meeting changed
23/12/23 - Results of Spread Eagle comp added and Best Practice Guide updated to include an environmental practices section; updated asset page
7/12/23 - Front page Christmasified, 2024 programme added, date of next Committee meeting added
12/11/23 - date of next Committee meeting added to Committee page
25/10/23 - programme updated
30/9/23 - Projects gallery update, home page marquee updated, Ref & Links page archived with experimental search added to home page instead
7/8/23 - Added programme for Autumn. Added X logo to go with Twitter logo and changed Facebook link to the public group. Removed the link to the private Flickr page as no longer working.
30/7/23 - Added Street & Urban project
4/7/23 - Front page marquee and Festival Exhibition info updated; Programme updated with outing details; Committee page updated with details of next committee meeting
15/6/23 - Front page updated to link to our Lymm Festival exhibition and relevant text changed. Programme updated to reflect a location change
25/5/23 - Programme changes
23/5/23 - Liquid project and date next committee meeting added. Front page changed to add Lymm Festival '23 logo and mention our exhibition coming soon
6/4/23 - Bridges project added
19/3/12 - reversed contact email change from 2/3/23 back to as service provider has fixed the mail forwarding issue
17/3/23 - update to Committee page for date of next meeting and addition of info section for new Projects Google Drive
2/3/23 - temp change on contact page to change email address from   to  as domain forwarding doesn't seem to be working; also update marquee
20/1/23 - correction to programme and formatting of our Annuals 2022 photos page
20/1/23 - new : Guidelines for Best Practice added; reference to these added to Data Protection page; Insurance info updated plus detail removed; Membership & Consent form updated
6/1/23 - catching up! - galleries for Purple, Portrait Lighting and Spread Eagle comp added plus next committee meeting date
22/12/22 - programme for 2023 published
14/11/22 - Community page various additions plus removal of open evening poster from home page. Meeting info made clearer following feedback (red/bold)
7/11/22 - addition of open evening poster to front page and made meeting info red and bold so more noticeable
22/10/22 - update - next Committee meeting and added Summer 2022 photos
20/9/22 - programme update
15/9/22 - following notification that the contact form was erroneously still available, contact page reworked to remove the form (again!); front page marquee updated
31/8/22 - added Exhibition comments
30/8/22 - additional of Lymm Festival to Community Page and reduction of Festival presence on front page
28/8/22 - Spread Xmas subject added to Programme
16/8/22 - further Programme tweaks
24/8/22 - Programme updates
22/7/22 - addition of Middlewich Outing photos
6/7/22 - date next Committee meeting added and update for Festival Exhibition
1/7/22 - club outing details added
24/6/22 - reconstruction of Mobile Home Page and Mobile Programme
18/6/22 - added the Great Outdoors project photos; updated marquee home page; put note programme to say new programme coming soon; replaced Sandy with Kevin for Xmas comp
6/6/22 - link added to Lymm Festival logos on front page
13/5/22 - added official Lymm Festival logo to front page and date of next Committee meeting
29/4/22 - updated Festival Exhibition details on front page
28/4/22 - adition of Street & Architecture hand-out plus Annual comp results
15/4/22 - added trailer for Festival Exhibition and duck race image on front page
13/3/22 - updated Our Photos for Portraits and Food & Drink; updated marquee and banner pic
11/3/22 - Programme updates
28/2/22 - Programme update
15/2/22 - Programme venue update
4/2/22 - update to Committee contacts post AGM; date next committee meeting; mobile programme button added to Programme Page; removal of clothes ordering form link and site map from Policies and Admin page; updated title on Constitution to remove embedded ref to the Lymm Jubilee Garending Society Constitution
18/1/22 - update date of next Committee meeting
8/1/2 - removal of Xmas decorations
5/1/21 - Update to Programme and Committee Meeting
28/12/21 - Spread Eagle comp results gallery
17/12/21 - upload of 2022 programme
30/11/21 - Home page Christmasified and return of library exhibition added
22/11/21 - Updated programme; added Patterns photos; minor tweak to front page and maquee + date next Committee Meeting
16/10/21 - updated programme
28/9/21 - added Song Titles project, updates to programme and F2f/Zoom +Coronavirus meeting info
19/8/21 - Confirmation that continuing on Zoom for Autumn '21
12/8/21 - updates to programme and meeting arrangements (Spread and poss hybrid on Zoom) from Sept
12/7/21 - removal of live info and links to our Festival online exhibition and remaining info re-worked to provide a record of the event
3/7/21 - Added Doors & Windows Project
24/6/21 - Updates to accommodate our Lymm Festival virtual exhibition info and links : front page, own page and Community page
20/5/21 - Annula results uploaded and date of next committee meeting added
19/3/21 - Programme updates
13/3/21 - Letter B Gallery added; next committee meeting date and minor adjustment to programme
10/1/2021 - front page - changed top image to a winter pano (956x231 @72) and removed Xmas decoration plus changed headline text to say "Still" meeting on Zoom. Also modified Double Take book text to say womething to read in
22/12/2020 - 2021 Programme and mobile programme released plus marquee and notes on changed pages confirm still meeting online
17/12/2020 - added Xmas graphic to front page
12/12/2020 - addition of Spread Eagle 20 page
19/11/2020 - preparation of home page and update to Community Page for launch of the joint LPS/LHIC Double Take book
5/11/2020 -update to Programme and next committee meeting date
24/10/2020 - Gallery updated with High/Low Key project

15/10/2020 - Programme update
22/9/2020 - update to Programme
11/9/2020 - update to Programme; Wish I Was There project gallery added
23/8/2020 - Skype instructions removed and replaced with Zoom. Covid statement updated. Programme updated.
26/6/2020 - added image manipulation project
11/6/2020 - addition of theme for Xmas Spread Eagle competition
17/5//2020 - added projects : 2020 & Lockdown
04 & 05/2020 - throughout April &  May updates to the Programme to accommodate Skype-based meetings due to Coronavirus
4/4/2020 - further updates to the Resizing page
2/4/2020 - addition of Bill Rigby's second (PS) resizing video link
29/4/2020 - update to programme; home page tweaked; date of next committee meeting
28/4/2020 - added gallery for Annual comp
18/4/2020 - Programme updated to confirm An. Comp. over Skype and Bill's Lightroom Resizing video added to resizing page (and reflected in Links&Ref page)
4/4/2020 - updates to accommodate the move to Skype for meetings with updates to : home page incl. marquee, Skpye Guide page Ref&Links (to add Skpye Guide), significant updates to 2020 Programme, update to mobile programme to point to main programme, note added to main Programme page NOTE TO CAROL - these are the things that need to be reversed once normality resumes; also note the clones of the 2020 and Mobile Programme pages to use for restoration purposes (and note both of these clones are not published or indexed)
28/3/2020 - updated Skype instructions; Skype coming soon added to front page.
21/3/2020 - separate Coronavirus page and reversion of Ref&Links page; new Skype guide, related updates to home page
12/3/2020 - Programme change due to speaker drop out
2/3/2020 - added new USB stick guidance (bring in images) and tweaked resizing page
29/2/2020 - Photo Gallery for Letter T added and relevant Our Photos page updated
25/2/2020 - addition of Then & Now page for Ravenbank School (Pepper St School)
21/2/20 - updated Then & Now pages to reflect timescale extension of project into 2020
7/2/20 - club info updates incl. accounting, visitors' fees plus added later photos to info page.
30/1/20 - significant update to resizing information
10/1/20 - added resizing talk to Programme
8/1//20 - Xmas removed and marquee updated
16/12/19 - Spread comp gallery and next committee meeting date added
15/12/19 - 2020 Programme added and 2019 archived
1/12/19 - 2019 Outings and events added (belatedly!)
30/11/19 - added Double Exposure project and Xmas touches to front page
26.10.19 - added Humour project to gallery
8/10/19 - programme and marquee update
9/9/19 - further programme update
6/9/19 - updated marquee, front page image, Committee meeting date and programme speaker change
27/6/19 - updated programme and front page marquee
25/5/19 - added Letter G project photos
23/5/19 - updates to Programme
7/5/19 - programme date correction
6/4/19 - Programme and next Committee meeting date updated
27/4/19 - addition of results of Annual comp and inclusion of Amateur Photography magazine article ("Join the Club")
16/4/19 - update marquee, added front page Stop Press about our appearance in the forthcoming AP magazine and updated Programme
24/3/19 - update to Then & Now (addition of Access Denied page)
3/3/19 - addition of Plagiarism project
23/2/19 - programme updates. Added focal length info to Then & Now and next committee meeting date added
12/2/10 typo corrected and Then & Now update around participants'' names
11/2/19 - addition of joint Then & Now Project pages
4/1/19 - further updates to then and now info
2/1/19 - marquee updated and info and admin page added to Then & Now Project; Privacy Notice updated.
5/12/18 - de-Xmasssed and marquee updated
18/12/18 - front page made festive
17/12/18 - addition of Spread Eagle comp results
14/12/18 - update for 2019 programme and festive touch to front page
18/11/18 - updated corrupt older links on community page; tweak to home page
15/11/18 - updates x2 to community page and date of next Committee meeting added
12/10/18 - Our Photos updated with the Urban project and further programme swap
3/10/18 - Programme event swap
15/9/18 - Addition of Summer Events 2018 photos
13/9/18 - addition of press coverage to Community page rugby club shoot and programme update
11/9/18 - addition on community page of visit to Lymm Rugby Club
13/8/18 - Trees etc projext added. Marquee updated.
13/7/18 - Flickr links updated
12/7/18 - programme update; marquee updated
10/7/18 - prpgramme update due to England World Cup semi. Lymm Festival exhibition references moved to past tense.
28/6/18 - photos of our Lymm Festival Exhibition added
21/6/18 - updated Programme to reflect Outing postponement
19/6/18 - home page updated with Lymm Festival Exhibition info. Link to tech paper on Layers in PS added. Fix to missing DPA docs
17/5/18 - new date for Committee meeting; update to Privacy Policy and Membership Form; Annual Comp photos added; marquee updated
9/4/18 - addition of black border resizing action for club projector
7/4/18 - front page slightly reorganised, feature photo changed and Lymm Festival logo added, with link to updated Community page.
16/3/18 - all html updated to reflect top menu correction. Programme additions. Des Hawley added to the club history. Not obvious link to constitution updated that was missed.
2/3/18 - My Week project gallery, twitter logo/link and date of next committee meeting added.
27/1/18 - Spread Comp 2017 page updated to add presentation photo; Community page addition for Lymm Heritage Centre visit; Constitution updated after AGM. Link to Privacy Notice put on bottom of home page.
12/1/18 - addition of Privacy Notice and Membership and Information Consent Form
4/1/18 - removal of festive reference. Marquee updated. Place holders for new privacy docs added.
14/12/17 #2 - 2018 Programme added to main and mobile site; Past programmes page reconfigured to include 2017's programme
14/12/17 #1 - results of Spread Eagle comp added
1/12/17 - Manipulation Project gallery added; next Committee meeting date updated. Front page made Xmas.
21/10/17 - Addition of new resizing action (for the club projector) to the Resizing page
15/10/17 - Minor updates to Programme
19/9/17 - Additional info added to Programme for 25th Oct.
15/7/17 - Projects and Outing galleries updated; next committee meeting date updated; home page marquee updated
13/7/17 - Programme updated for 25th October
8/7/17 - Programme updated to add this year's Spread Eagle competition theme.
18/5/17 - Annual results added
8/5/17 - Programme updated. Cover photo changed. Date of next committee meeting added. Button link on Programme page corrected.
6/4/17 - cover photo updated to ducks for Easter; marquee text updated
4/3/17 - Bridges project added - all menu bars updated
28/2/17 -
Lymm P.S.  Commercial (payment) Policy restored. Link to Lymm Blog corrected on Programme page. Contact form performance improved and occurrences of the email address removed in preference to the form to prevent spam. Community page updated.
17/2/17 - Programme updated on main site and mobile for Oct. Next committee meeting date added.
11/2/17 - cover inset photo changed. New photo (post-meeting drink) added to General Info page
31/1/17 - Added Bill's resizing action and improved the the digital and printed resizing page layouts. Added front page menu item for resizing.
29/1/17 - Added Des's resizing guidance from Wednesday's tech corner
26/1/17 - updated committee contact details following AGM. Rationalised events section of site removed in preference of our new Facebook page. Press Releases sub-section updated to include Dickensian Competition 2016, reference to which removed from front page. Brought competition text on front page up to date and added that we meet for a drink after meetings.
13/1/17 - not-Dickensian front page restored and link to Dickensian winner move to front page text. Added Time-lapse photography material. Added note regarding Rob Doorbar's death to the prortriat hand-put page. Xmas removed from front page marquee. Missing logos added to some tech pages
3/1/17 - link on front page added to revitalised Facebook page. Winner of Dickensian public comp uploaded
20/12/16 - Print button added to 2017 Programme and page reformatted for printing and direct link to 2017 Programme added to Programme page
16/12/16 - 2017 Programme further referenced and 2016 Programme moved to past. Spread Eagle results added. 
12/12/16 - date next committee meeting added. Dickensian closing date highlighted; Dickensian comp page updated
21/11/16 - Programme update
12/11/16 - front page updated for Dickensian Competition
9/11/16 - Programme updated with revised closing date and details for Spread Eagle comp
28/10/16 - Updated with latest project photos (something beginning with A)
8/10/16 - added date of next Committee meeting and closing date to programme for Spread Eagle competition. DPI sizing instructions supplemented for club projector when using Dicentra.
16/9/16 - Marquee updated
9/9/16 - Marquee updated for new season; Mobile Programme page updated with Spread theme GLASS.
13/8/16 - Added general annual comp to Our Photos page, added galleries for 2016 comp and project Looking Up
30/7/16 - Spread Eagle competition theme and date of next committee meeting added. Correct Navigation banner. Added Press Release area. Updated Birds of Prey press info with scans of coverage. Marquee updated for summer break.
1/6/16 - Photo weekend Lymm Life article added and future tense updates to Community page
19/6/16 - Birds of Prey PR added, events updated, some reformating
12/5/16 - Community page updated; another link to Committee contacts added plus update to programme item
29/4/16 - Button to image resizing added to front page and reciprocal links added to the print and digital image guidelines; cover feature image updated to late Spring
20/4/15 - further change of programme item
19/4/16 - change of programme item
8/4/16 - date of next committee meeting updated; Community page ref. to Lane End photo weekend, enquiry form email redirection address changed, cover photo on home page updated, clarifications on Programme for competition 11th May plus typo corrected
28/3/16 - clarified programme item - meaning of  "open" competition
16/3/16 - Events page and menu item added
15/3/16 - update to Programme and Aerial Lymm press coverage
5/3/16 - Transport added to Gellery
1/3/16 - Meeting info sound-bite added to front page
21/2/16 - update to summer club outing venue
20/2/16 - emergency removal of Committee member details following phishing attack; Image Printing Guidelines added and Ref&Links page re-ordered to make this info more prominent, digital image guidelines - 72dpi removed, marquee updated, Committee page updated with date of next Committee meeting
7/2/16 - change of 10th Feb programme
1/2/16 - committee member photo update x1
31/1/16 - Insurance page added and update to Committee page
29/1/15 - Updates for new Committee and minor site restructure to set up separate committee member list page; reformat of past years' programmes links; addition of 2015 Table Top Gallery
26/1/16 - New Aerial Lymm pages, links and Press Release added
24/1/16 - Programme tweak and link correction
16/12/15 - Gallery updates for Spread Eagle 2015, 2015 Outings and Sport,B&W, Patterns
12/12/15 - 2016 mobile programme added + Xmas image to front page
6/12/15 - 2016 programme added to main site
30/11/15 - Date of next Committee meeting updated
27/11/15 - home page " and not for the competition minded." removed and additional links added to Community page
20/11/15 - Flickr logo added to home page, email addressed reverted, update to 2015 programme and 2016 programme teasers added, clothing order form added, Community page updated, Heritage Centre added to Ref&Links page, adjustments to Policies & Admin (Memebrs' Photos)
3/11/15 - home page photo changed
16/1015 - marquee updated and contact email temp change whilst sorting forwarding problem
9/10/.15 - marquee and next committee meeting date updated
6/10/15 - committee page and front page marquee updated
30/8/15 - home page updated for new season; Mobile Web-site button added.
25/7/15 - next committee meeting date; note about future 2016 programme;home page ticker updated for the summer
19/7/15 - Change of programme
15/6/15 - cover photo changed; programme update for summer outing 1
10/5/15 - title of December Spread Eagle comp. added to 2015 programme; next committee meeting added. Community page updated and tweak to home page.
9/4/15 - marquee updated
3/4/15 - Contact email address reverted back to original following fix of mail forwarding issue
27/3/15 - Programme update and temporary change of contact email address until problem fixed.
11/3/15 - Programme update
6/3/15 - Next committee meeting info : venue added
3/3/15 - New technical tip about contributing to the Library Exhibition.
28/2/15 - Added curves-wet-interiors photo gallery (new thumbnail format (variable non-square) trialed; updated Committee, 2015 Programme. Payment Policy added to Policies page.
27/2/15 - Update : Marquee for front page, contacts, programme, community
13/2/15 - Marquee update for front page
6/2/15 - Programme Secretary contact details added and reference/link to posters added (with removal of link to meeting subdomain)
1/2/15 - Programme updated for 22nd July at Lymm Boxing 7pm
29/1/15 - Dicentra sub-meeting added to Committee page
16/1/15 - further improvements based on more feedback. Guest Book now live. Committee page updated to refer to Committee Members list on Contacts page and that list updated following AGM. L&CPU Portal link added to the Committee Page
9/1/15 - typos and feedback from Committee members addressed. Committee Roles added.
3/1/15 - brand new site made available

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