The club's first website
The club's web site was launched at around the time that the Society started up (December 2010), making the most of its free-to-use web software. After 4 years it became clear that the club was sufficiently established and sustainable to make it worth a little investment in time (and money to buy web authoring software). The re-designed web site was launched in January 2015.

For posterity, here is the amendment history of the club's website up to January 2015 :

15/12/14 - front page made festive!
7/12/14 - Next committee meeting location adjusted
29/11/14 - date of next committee meeting updated; text made bigger for quick-link to programme
28/11/14 - front page updated for Spread comp.
10/9/14 - Preset link added to References
1/9/14 - front page updated ready for new season
11/7/14 - front page now clarifies project=max 5 shots; next committee meeting updated.
10/6/14 - programme quick link added to main page; projects added to main page; URL updates, Spread comp 2014 details added
5/4/14 - Breaking news updated to reflect new projector and screen; Onedrive and next committee meeting details updated.
16/3/14 - next Committee meeting date updated and reference to Skydrive changed to Onedrive
3/2/14 - Committee updated
10/1/14 - new season update on front page
19/12/13 - Billís new email address added
10/12/13 - Christmassy!
8/12/13 - Parish Council logo added to front page, and Breaking News added about our inclusion in Dickensian Day and use of membersí photos in the Wheels and the Water book.
15/11/13 - Spread Eagle 2013 (Autumn photos) - photos added
11/11/13 - new committee meeting date added. Spread comp. results listed (photos still to be added)
2/11/13 - home page notice about the change in the Spread competition removed
29/9/13 - update to Spread Competition details
27/9/13 - addition of new meeting portal and removal of meeting pages here; addition of accounting policy, added recent meeting photo,
13/9/13 - Meeting info updated; Committee meeting info updated; Meeting Portal beta link added for committee
9/9/13 - front page updated for start of season
1/9/13 - Programme info updated
28/7/13 - Chester outing Gallery added; programme updated and next meeting announcement; Chester group photo added to General Meeting page.
2/7/13 - programme info variously updated for the 2 extra summer meetings; photo on front page changed to vintage version to reflect Historic Transport day
15/6/13- programme and committee meeting info changed
3/6/13 - updates to home, programme and contacts page; addition of exhibition page; Spread Eagle link changed; addition to Reference material; removed LíImage link
6/5/13 - updates to programme info incl. change of venue for 22nd May
27/4/13 - updates to various meeting information
22/4/13-Stop Press re. Exhibition added to front page; Japanese Garden photo updated
17/4/13-next meeting page updated and new reference added; front page winter photo replaced
23/3/13 - next meeting page updated and folio evening photo added to info page
3/3/13 - programme and Committee updates
15/2/13 - future meeting info updated
5/2/13 - changed cover photo to winter scene; speakerís photo added to next meeting
30/1/13 - next meeting info updated
20/1/13 - Contacts page updated
18/1/13 - completed changes to reflect move to fortnightly meetings; expanded Next Meeting page to look further than just the next meeting
10/1/13 - Next meeting, subs, meeting photos updated + other cosmetic improvements; Diamond Jubilee & London 2012 Olympic logos removed
9/1/13 - Programme updated for the move to fortnightly meetings; Lymm photo added to main page.
4/1/13 - contacts updated; festive tree removed; next Committee date added
21/12/12 - next meeting updated and 2013 programme raised to top of programme listing; general tidy-up
4/12/12 - Helenís contact details added + festive tree
15/11/12 - next meeting info updated
13/12/12 - 2012 Programme and next Committee meeting changed;Spread 2012 photos uploaded
7/11/12 - Next meeting info updated
13/10/12 - Programme and Spread details update and survey link removed
6/10/12 - 2013 Programme added
15/9/12 - new club email address featured, survey link added to Programme, various admin changes
10/9/12 - Committee page updated;cookies and DP info added.
28/8/12 - pre-season updates
29/7/12 - Diamond Jubilee photos added
15/6/12 - contacts and programme info updated;Jubliee and Olympic emblems added; Líimage info updated.
11/5/12 - next meeting info updated + next committee meeting
14/4/12-next meeting info updated, new pics added to General Meeting page+correction
18/3/12- next meeting info
8/2/12 - next meeting info changes and Programme altered
4/2/12 - Facebook logo removed; committee mug shots added; Policies introduced
3/2/12 - Addition of L&CPU affiliation; Alan Taylor recognition for the club logo
18/1/12 - Committee and next meeting updated
15/12/11 - Next yearís Programme loaded and general maintenance; History of club added
18/11/11 - Updates for next meeting, addition of QR code
14/10/11 - Updates: Subs, Committee, Programme; Constitution added. QR code added for the Programme page, Spread Eagle Calendar content updated, programme updated.
15/9/11- Update to next meet pages; further Spread Eagle Images
27/8/11 - Update to next meet & committee pages;further Spread Eagle Images
30/7/11 - Spread Eagle competition - submission details clarified
11/6/11 - Lymm Dam outing added to Gallery and photos added to General Meeting Info page; Programme and front page updated
15/5/11 - committee page created to support new SkyDrive
13/5/11 - new Tips item; Spread added to Gallery; more photos uploaded; Líimage link updated; next meeting info
14/4/11 - photos and new hits page added; next meet info changed
26/3/11 - contacts updated; Programme added; Photo Gallery updated
10/3/11 - next meeting info updated; hopeless site-map removed!
19/2/11 - contact and site-map added; more photos in Gallery (CS)
16/2/11 - Photo Gallery reconstructed and membersí photos added; Ref & Archive page added and January meeting presentation attached (CS)
11/2/11 - next meet page info updated, version page added, map and photos added to meeting info page, future event page added and info of Spread Eagle calendar comp added, links age notes our entries on & .net, odd typos and formatting corrected (CS)
Dec 2010 - website first set up (CS)

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