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Points of interest and assistance
As the internet, magazines, club meetings, library and book shops provide such a rich resources for budding photographers, both to learn and improve, our purpose is not to replicate that type of information here. What this page seeks to do is to provide a few links about Lymm and records reference information resulting from club meetings or members' recommendations.

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Techniques + Hints & Tips

- Image Resizing (*NEW now includes LPS YouTube video) - LPS Guide to installing and using Skype - Layers in Photoshop - Submissions guidance (USB stick) - Printed Image Guidelines - Lymm Library Exhibition - what, why and how - Time-lapse Photography Resources - The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) - plan your shots around the sun's movement - highly recommended by one of our Committee members - Photo Answers (Advice and Techniques from high street magazines) - Photoshop Presets (from member Norman Pimlott's excellent technical corner on Photoshop presets, you can download a number of presets (together with instructions) here - “How To Get The Best From Your Camera” - Presentation by Dave Teeham 2011 (former LPS President) : click link displayed after clicking here - Portrait hand-out from guest speaker Roy Doorbar (April 2012) : click link displayed after clicking here - Talk Photography (a useful forum) - Image Composite Editor - One of our members recommends this panorama software - eBook 1 - A Committee member suggests the following links for useful free photography eBooks (registration required) - eBook 2 - A Committee member suggests the following links for useful free photography eBooks (registration required) - Photography course - One of our Committee finds this free photography course invaluable - How to create black and white photos with a DSLR camera (and what is B&W photography anyway?) - Extreme Macro

Lymm Links

- - - Lymm Gallery (photos of Lymm, some by our members) - - - Lymm Life Magazine - Lymm Festival - Lymm Historic Transport Day (LPS members' photos used in the 2013 book and the organisers have made a grant to the club) - Lymm Parish Council (made a grant towards club projector and sometimes use members' photos) >> General Search Results for "Lymm" - Lymm Heritage Centre
...... and if you are looking for something else, try our internet search conveniently located here; it will open a new window for you.
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