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Sharing the joys of photography in our village
Have you seen our rolling exhibition in the library?
Itís a semi-permanent affair, with membersí photographs professionally printed and mounted. They have pride of place around the library. Weíll be changing the photos from time to time, so itís well worth dropping in to the library to take a look and calling back from time to time as the prints change. We are so pleased with the excellent reception that the exhibition has received.
Organising and maintaining the exhibition is quite a task and we truly thank both Committee Member Dave C. for taking on the task so enthusiastically and all the members who have bravely contributed their prints for public consumption.
We have encouraged every member to put an entry into the exhibition, which they mostly have.... and if you'd like to buy any of the photos you see, look out for our contact information around the library or email us at
Contributing to the exhibition
Library Opening Times

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