Lymm Library Exhibition - what, why and how

Over the past few years, members have been given the opportunity to showcase their best work by exhibiting their photographs in Lymm Library.  This exhibition exists to promote the work of the Lymm Photographic Society and to share the joys of photography with others in our village.

To build on this we would like to have more membersí photographs on display.

So if you have not had one of your photographs in the exhibition why not? Could it be that you have not sent any in for consideration?

Let me say from the start this is not a competition - it is an exhibition, so you are not competing against other members, it is there to showcase your best work and one would hope to help you to develop your photographical skills.  Over time we have seen lots of good work that has not been put forward for consideration and other entries that would not work in the exhibition for one reason or another.

For entries that are submitted for consideration, then some points to follow:
Is the subject matter of your photo suitable for exhibiting in library?  That is - will the photograph be of interest to others to see, and that it will not cause offence to anyone.
Are your image files suitable to print at A3?  Your work can be of any size but it is good to fill as much of the A3 as you can. [Technically that needs to be 3510 x 4950 and 300 dpi. And you are looking for a minimum of 2 to 3 Megapixels to get a good print.].  If your work is of a size that does not fit to A3 you may like to resize it and fill in with black, this will stop parts of your work being cropped off at the printer.  [More information on sizing can be found on our printers WEB site:]
For all entries will need to have a title for your photograph - after all any good piece of work has a suitable title, and donít forget to put your name on your submission.

We would like to see work from all members, however just sometimes there needs to be some selection criteria applied in order to get a varied exhibition.  For all entry, you will need to confirm that you give us, the society, your permission to print your photo and for us to use it in this and other exhibitions that promote the society.  You will hold the copyright to your work.

At the end of the exhibition (we normally exhibit for about four months) you will be given the opportunity to either purchase the printed photograph at cost, or if you donít wish to purchase your work you could consider giving the society permission to sell it so that we can recover the costs of printing / mounting.

If you would like more information about any of this, then please come back to me and I will try to help.  Or if you yourself can help others to do this, then again please let me know.

Hope you have a go at this and look forward to seeing your work.

Dave Cowsill

(see the Contacts page to get in touch with Dave)