Murgatroyd's Brine Pump Middlewich Outing - July 2022
On the lovely sunny evening of July 13th the club had a photoshoot at Mugatroyd’s Brine Pump in Middlewich.

At the site we were treated to an introduction and explanation of how Murgatroyd, after the discovery of rock salt in Middlewich, successfully developed a hunch that there could well be an underwater brine stream in the vicinity. How he dug a shaft, came across the stream, and set up a Nodding Donkey pump, housed in a simple and unimposing brick building, to raise the brine to the surface were all explained.

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0303153 - Chris Berg
0303166 - Chris Berg
0303221 - Chris Berg
Blue Plaque - Richard Nicholls
Brine-01 - Denis McAllister
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Brine-07 - Denis McAllister
CLB - Brine Pump 2 - Chris Beesley
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CLB - Brine Pump 8 - Chris Beesley
CLB - Brine Pump 9 - Chris Berg
Equipment built to last - Richard Nicholls
Logo - Salt Crystals - Richard Nicholls
MBP - Bill Rigby
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Copyright © 2022 Lymm Photographic Society
Copyright © 2022 Lymm Photographic Society
The result was a copious supply of brine that could be converted into very useful chemicals, and started, in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, the large chemical industry in Middlewich.

In the context of this history the site and machinery were fascinating. Many photo opportunities presented themselves.
he site is being restored by Middlewich Heritage Trust and some of our photos are being presented to them for their use.
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