Lymm Then & Now Project 2019
Project - Help Resources

This page is intended for the use by LPS members participating in the photographing of restaging of old photos of Lymm as part of the Then & Now (working title) collaboration with the Lymm Heritage Centre. The resources on these pages will develop over time.
Initial Introductions

Title : Lymm Community "Then & Now " project

Please let me introduce myself. I am Fred Blogs from the Lymm Photographic Society (LPS).
On the Google Drive you will see a folder called "02 Standard letters/email". This includes full example emails and letters for you to clone.
                        Texts follow....
All vintage photographs copyright Lymm Heritage and Information Centre 2019
All other photographs and this web site (incl content) copyright Lymm Photographic Society 2019
What's on this page?
This page contains standard text that you can draw on when planning your Lymm Then & Now restaging shoot. It contains standard text/information that you can draw on when speaking/emailing/writing to people (such as those whose building or people you need to have in shot) about the project. It includes introductory and informative text that you can cut and paste. This page supports the Instructions accessed from the Project Menu above.
Throughout these Then & Now project pages you will see the "Help" symbol. These refer you back to either this page of the Google Drive help page.
Why am I contacting you? enlist your help/the help of xxx in /invite you to participate in this important community project / the Lymm Now and Then Project (working title).
What is the Project about?

This is a joint community project being run by the Lymm Photographic Society and the Lymm Heritage Centre (LHIC). The objective of the project is to restage and shoot a series of old photographs of Lymm, to compare scenes in the past with the equivalent scene in the present time and, in particular, one (or both) of the vintage photographs attached.
Why am I contacting you?

As you can see from the vintage photograph attached, we would like to restage the photograph of xxx.

If that includes people...Just as the vintage photograph included (whoever e.g. the then occupants) I would like to invite you/your staff/whoever to be included in the restaged modern photograph.

I would like to agree a date and time for us to restage the photograph. This should take no more than 10 minutes.
Are there any risks/things to consider?

We need to be mindful of....describe the issue(s) e.g. nearby traffic, obstruction and suggest how this can be minimised
What will be the outcome of the project?

Ultimately over the course of about a year we hope to be able to restage enough old photographs to make a small book to be sold to raise funds of the LHIC.

Optionally if extra good will is required or inconvenience will be incurred by the participants...  I am sure that we would be able to supply a copy of the final photograph at the time of publication of the book.
Concluding the introduction

I should be really grateful if you could confirm that you would be willing to assisting in remaking this important part of our local history.
Who will be taking the photos?

The photos will be taken by myself/a few members of the Photographic Society

Title (eg) One week to go

Just a reminder that we are planning to take the photo(s) of  xxx early next xxxsday at N am/pm. Can I suggest we meet at about N:NN outside xxx?
Thank you

A basic thank you conversations/email/letter could also include the following....
Trying to capture the participants' names

It is possible that when the Heritage Centre produce the book, they might like to include the names of those on the photographs (for posterity and so that they can make their mark on history). If any of your participants are happy to have their names potentially included, could you please send me their names. Rest assured they will be handled in accordance with the Lymm PS's Privacy Notice ( and the Heritage Centre's equivalent arrangements.
Sending a sneak preview

If you feel the need to send a low res version of a photo from the shoot...
Pending publication of the book (expected late 2019 or early 2020) attached are a few sample shots for you to use for your own internal purposes.

As previously mentioned, once we get to the book stage after we have completed the shoots through 2019, I'm sure we will be able to supply higher resolution images for framing etc. We'll let you know nearer that time more info about the book (or whatever it becomes).
If the participants ask about social media

Pending publication of the book (expected late 2019 or early 2020) attached are a few sample shots for you to use for your own purposes or social media. For Social Media please mention that this is a joint endeavour between the Lymm Photographic Society and the Lymm Heritage Centre. Our logos are attached (these can be downloaded from the Then and Now Google Drive)
The website addresses (which it would be great if you could include) are :

In terms of social media tags, we have Facebook pages at:

and Twitters are:

Hashtags used on Twitter include #lymm, #history, #photography, #cheshire

Could you send me a link to any social media postings?

If you get sent any links to social media postings, please email them to