Lymm P.S. “Digital Image Resizing”

Link to Archive Printed Image Resizing guidelines

In January 2020 the club decided to revise and update its guidance about resizing images, with thanks to Bill Rigby and James Leslie.

See below for general guidance and Photoshop & Lightroom Actions. We also have guidance on how to submit your images by USB stick and our resizing video tutorials (with thanks to Bill for also pulling these together).

WHY? Modern digital cameras produce large images. In order to make the handling of you images easier when sharing (e.g. for showing at the club) and to have them better fit the display capabilities of our (or others') projectors, you will have to make each image smaller.

WHEN? This applies not only for our occasional competitions but also for our project evenings; in fact every time you bring one of your photos for display at a club meeting. Anything bigger than a 5Mb file is really too big - 2MB is ideal. For those rare occasions when an image will be printed (for example for our display in the library or for Lymm Festival, or for the frame in the Spread Eagle, then larger files are required (at 300 dpi). For most of our work at LPS we display your photographs using our projector, so please use the instructions below unless you are advised otherwise.

WHO? Ideally we'd like members to resize their own images before they are used (using the instructions below). However, please do not struggle. If you get stuck once you've tried just contact one of the club committee members and they will willingly either help you themselves or pass you onto someone who can.

HOW? Our resizing "how to"s take the form of PDFs and you can find a link to each below. At the end of the table is a link to the LPS Resizing Adobe action which you can install if you are using Adobe software (e.g. Photoshop). For those who do not use Adobe software we also include below a way for you to resize.
Link to LPS resizing action (.atn file)
Bill Rigby's Resizing Video Tutorials How to resize using Lightroom or Photoshop to meet Lymm Photo Soc's sizing requirements